SEED KHS:ALL-IN-ONE toolkit for applications of AGVs/AMRs.

SEED KHS is an ALL-IN-ONE toolkit for applications of AGVs/AMRs. In an application(scene), more than one area, robot model, devices or task routes could be configured in batch and run together at runtime. The visual editor supports many scene elements, such as robot models, robots, task routes, gates, lifts, traffic lights.


KHS is part of SEED (Seer Enterprise Enhanced Digitalization Middle-Platform) and short for Kuai/Hao/Shuang(means faster, better, awesome). SEED KHS is an ALL-IN-ONE toolkit for applications of AGVs/AMRs. KHS supports all mobile robots powered by SEER SRC, including Kiva-like and forklifts. KHS make applications of mobile robots even faster and easier for almost all kinds of business tasks.

Example of SEED KHS interface


The applications using mobile robots are flexible solution for industry logistics. The costs to change manufacturing flows are very expensive for traditional logistics devices. But the applications using mobile robots, such as AGVs or AMRs are much more flexible. The costs of using SLAM mobile robots are lowest because all changes happen just in the configuration toolkit, i.e. KHS.

For rapid transforming demand of customers, time costs are sensible. Using mobile robots and KHS, we could adjust some logistics tasks in a few of minutes. If the transforming efficiency not match the business demand, you can adjust configurations of tasks, devices and robots, then simulate or run immediately. If not good enough, just keep trying without any worry.

From small scene to complex scene

KHS not only could build simple scenes in a fast way, but also could build complex scenes powerfully and efficiently…

  • Multiple areas: for multiple floors, for different workshop, for warehouse connected by automated doors…
  • Multiple model: small AGVs such as top-lift ones and bigger ones such as forklifts could work together in the same scene…
  • Multiple devices: KHS supports configuration of environments and facilities just like robot mobiles.
  • Multiple routes: KHS supports configuration of different routes for multiple tasks in the same scene.

Visual configuration

KHS is a B/S toolkit that running in browsers and no local software need to be installed.

Most of the configurations have visual user interfaces. Users could learn how to use instinctively.

The configurable parameters cover almost every detailed application cases. They are used in thousands of projects in practice.