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AMB-powered Latent Traction Robot
AMB-powered Latent Traction Robot, as transfer robot, is built by mounting traction device on AMB series unmanned chassis, and can flexibly tow and transport shelves and racks with universal wheels. Complete the construction of the environment map and high-precision localization through the laser SLAM algorithm. The repeated localization accuracy of the laser reflectorless has reached within ±5mm, the docking accuracy of which is ±2mm. The AMB-powered Latent Traction Robot can tow multi-layer racks and carry various materials at one time according to the system dispatching orders. With its strong ability in carrying, a variety of specifications meet the needs of different loads, so that it can finish the tasks autonomously, flexibly, safely and efficiently.
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AMB-powered Latent Traction Robot
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  1. The traction when using latent traction or hook. The friction coefficient is affected by the ground and the material of the universal wheel. Here, μ = 0.1 is taken as an example. If a weight is added to the car body, the traction can be increased to some extent (AMB300 is able to provide up to 500 N traction after a weight is added).
  2. The road surface should be smooth, clean and free of obvious ups and downs. Slope 5% = arctan (0.05) ≈ 2.8°. The robot must not stop or turn at the ramps, steps, or gaps, but can pass quickly perpendicular to them.
  3. The localization accuracy is affected by the environment, etc., subject to the interpretation of localization accuracy in the final technical agreement.
  4. The basic features include but are not limited to map editing, model editing, positioning module, navigation module, basic motion model (differential), peripheral extension features (robot arm, roller, jacking, latent traction) and API interface. 
  5. It needs to be used with the automatic charging pile of SEER. 
  6. It needs to be used with a latent traction or jacking extension module.
  7. A 3D camera needs to be installed in the peripheral extension for the feature.
  8. AMB is designed for indoor transportation only and is not recommended for outdoor use.